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Halcyon Night is a first person exploration puzzle game which tasks the player with repairing the Museum of Supernatural History. Following a disastrously out of hand party by the Wizarding Union, the state of the museum can only be described as ruinous. By utilizing magic and photos taken during the party, you have the ability to open portals into the past, changing events and retrieving artifact shards. Press through the debris to restore the museum to its formal glory!


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look Around

F - Pickup items that, even those slightly out of reach

Hold E - Open a window to the past

Scroll Wheel - Adjust window size

Left Mouse Click - Step forward in time

Right Mouse Click - Step backward in time

Alt-F4 - "Pause Menu"

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGrant Doney
TagsExploration, Magic, Magical Realism, Singleplayer, Time Travel


Build V1.1.3.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

Download the build file from the provided link. Once downloaded, extract all files to a location you will be able to easily find. Open the extracted file and launch the Halcyon Night application. Pres Alt-f4 to exit the game for the time being. The zip file is 1.25 GB, the full file unpacked is 5 GB

Note: Build 1.1.3 is labeled 1.2.3 by accident.