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Navigating Rensellaer and Beyond (NRB) is the culmination of a 3 week Game Development 1 project. Our assignment was to make a game which fostered empathy for the player character.  

NRB attempts to tackle the difficulty of living with a handicap on RPI's campus. The player must attend their classes, get food, and fulfill a list of tasks all the while dealing with a falling GPA, draining stamina, difficult terrain, and limited routes.

Jordan Faas-Bush -- Lead Programmer - http://jordanfaasbush.com/

Nicholas Smith -- Programmer - https://smithn10.itch.io/

Xuan Liu -- Programmer

Grant Doney -- Artist, Level Designer - https://gdoney1701.wixsite.com/portfolio

Zack Schwartz - Writer, Sound Designer - https://thezschwartz.wixsite.com/home

Install instructions

Download .zip file

Extract all contents to a location you know of

Open files until you reach UnrealProject4 

Double click to launch, Alt+F4 to exit

Note: Windows will warn you before opening, I promise this isn't a virus


Navigating Rensselaer and Beyond Build.zip 164 MB

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